is an electronic version of the Economic and Technology Management Review, a technical bulletin published by the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI). This bulletin contains technical articles in social science, covering agricultural, resource and environmental economics, agribusiness and marketing, business management,technology management and policy studies. It publishes the latest research in social sciences by research scientists and academicians from research institutions and universities, and aims to be an international forum for all scholars to share their research findings and knowledge for the benefit of society. All articles are reviewed by subject matter experts to ensure originality, relevance and quality.

Economic and Technology Management Review is now published in English and it is open for submission by authors from all over the world. It is currently published 2 times a year, in July and December.

Economic and Technology Management Review is now over 13 years old; this accumulated knowledge has resulted in the journal being abstracted and indexed in  Google Scholar, and MyCite.

  Economic and Technology Management Review Vol. 18 (2022)
  • 2022 • ISSN 1823-8149 •
Editorial board Vol 18 (2022)
1. Mohd Rashid Rabu -Chairman
 2. Engku Elini Engku Ariff (Dr.)
 3. Syahrin Suhaimee (Dr.)
 4. Roslina Ali (Dr.)
 5. Hairazi Rahim @ Abdul Rahim (Dr.)
 6. Norzalila Kasron (Dr.)
 7. Mohd Nizam Mohd Nizat
 8. Aimi Athirah Ahmad – Secretary
 9. Hazida Syima Hamazah

 List of Reviewers Vol 18 (2022)
1. Tapsir Serin
 2. Omid Kharazmi  (Dr.) (University of Stirling)
 3. Nitty Hirawaty Kamarulzaman (Assoc. Prof.) (UPM)
 4. Humaida Banu Samsuddin (Dr.) (UKM)
 5. Keshminder Singh (Assoc. Prof.) (UiTM)
 6. Nurul Nadia Ramli (Dr.) (UPM)
 7. Norsida Man (Assoc. Prof.) (UPM)
 8. Mohd Hizam Hanafiah (Assoc. Prof.) (UKM)
 9. Siti Rohani Mohd Nor (Dr.) (UTM)



  1. Quantifying farmer’s willingness and perception towards grain corn cultivation
    (Mengukur kesanggupan dan persepsi petani jagung manis terhadap penanaman jagung bijirin)
    Nor Amna A’liah Mohammad Nor*, Murni Azureen Mohd Pakri*, Nik Rahimah Nik Omar*, Mohd Syauqi Nazmi*, Ahmad Zairi Zainol Abidin*, Mohd Rashid Rabu* and Nurul Huda Sulaiman*

    Keywords: farmer, willingness, perception, grain corn

    [Abstract] [Pdf]
  2. Market potential and competitiveness assessment of Malaysian coconut-based products
    (Potensi pasaran dan penilaian daya saing produk berasaskan kelapa di Malaysia) Mohd Hafizudin Zakaria*, Mohd Zaffrie Mat Amin*, Muhammad Faireal Ahmad* and
    Muhammad Syafiq Ahmad Dani*
    Keywords: coconut, market competitiveness, coconut-based products, comparative export performance

    [Abstract] [Pdf]

  3. Performance, intensity and efficiency of agricultural research investment in Malaysia
    (Prestasi, intensiti dan keberkesanan pelaburan penyelidikan sektor pertanian di Malaysia)
    Roslina Ali*, Nik Rozana Nik Mohd Masdek*, Mohd Tarmizi Haimid*, Mohd Zaffrie Mat Amin* and Nur Fazliana Md Noh*
    Keywords: agricultural investment, research, intensity, efficiency, Malaysia

    [Abstract] [Pdf]

  4. A comparative analysis on the impact of COVID-19 towards selected fresh food price in Malaysia
    (Analisis perbandingan impak COVID-19 ke atas harga makanan segar terpilih di Malaysia)
    Syahrin Suhaimee*, Alam Abd Rahman*, Mohd Zaffrie Mat Amin*, Nur Izzatul Adilah Muhamad Jamil*, Tapsir Serin*, Engku Elini Engku Ariff*, Ahmad Zairy Zainol Abidin* and Sarah Nadira Hurairah*
    Keywords: COVID-19, food price, MCO, price volatility

    [Abstract] [Pdf]





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