Editorial Objectives
The aim of the technical bulletin is to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of applied socio-economic research in the areas of social sciences covering agricultural, resource and environmental economics, agribusiness and marketing, business management, technology management and policy studies.

Editorial scope

  1. Work on socio-economic research in agricultural economics, agriculture marketing, technology management, information science, innovation, technology transfer and business  will be considered for publication.
  2. Authors should consider the international readership of the bulletin when drafting papers.
  3. The aim of the bulletin is to articles on research done and makes it accessible to academicians and research scientists, policy makers and administrators as well as those involved in social and economic development.

Reviewing process
Each article will be reviewed by an Editorial Committee for its relevance in publishing and later, sent to peer review. The editorial committee would decide on its publication based on the Editorial Committee evaluation and recommendation.

Articles submitted to the bulletin must not be previously published in other publication.

A written permission is required for authors who wish to use any part of the published articles content. Permission required is for:

  1. Non-exclusive rights to reproduce the material in the article
  2. Print and electronic rights

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