Total productivity and technical efficiency of watermelon atfarm level

This paper analyzed Malaysia’s trade in agricultural products for the 1985–2004 period. Comparative analysis A primary survey involving 49 watermelon farmers operating in two seasons in 2004/2005 was conducted with the objectives of assessing the farm productivity and efficiency. Data analysis indicated that the individual farm total productivity (TP) values ranged from 0.66 to 4.91. The mean TP for the individual sample farms was 2.05. The TP for the watermelon sub-sector in 2004/2005 was 1.78. The average contribution of labour to income was relatively higher than the average contribution of capital. Ordinary least square procedure (OLS) undertaken revealed that younger and higher income farmers tend to be more productive respectively than the older and lower income farmers. The Kopp and Timmer technical efficiency (TE) computed indicated that the sample farms had a mean efficiency level of 46% with standard deviation of 0.18. The productivity and efficiency of the watermelon sub-sector could be improved by increasing yield and revenue through the adoption of new technology, new variety and good seeds and reducing production costs. It is strongly recommended that irrigation system be installed in the watermelon farms to reduce the labour cost of watering and to ensure good harvests.


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