Market potential of banana chips industry in Malaysia

A primary survey was conducted in 2003, involving entrepreneurs in processing banana chips. Results of the survey showed that 59% of respondents indicated that the demand for domestic market is good and 17% of them rated as very good. Thirty-six per cent of the respondents that are involved in exporting banana chips indicated that the demand for export market as good and 27% of them indicated as very good. Forty-two per cent of respondents indicated that they faced problems in peeling off the banana skins and 13% of them indicated that as a major problem. Seventy per cent of respondents indicated that their market for banana chips are presently increasing and 77% forecasted that their market would expand in the future. Therefore, as a strategy to boost the development of the banana chip industry, the promotion of the consumption of banana chips as a healthy food is needed. As the industry expands, there is also a need to develop a banana peeling machine to overcome the labour shortage.


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