Ex ante assessment on feasibility of Maswangi (MRQ 74) commercialization

Maswangi (MRQ 74) was licensed to the Area Farmers Organization (PPK) in 2005 which allowed them to plant, process, pack and market the rice, with MARDI providing all the technical support and pure seeds to help to promote it through agricultural expositions and shows. This study was to uncover the possible problems and constraints faced in commercializing Maswangi in the domestic market. A suitable profit margin was analysed for retailers, wholesalers, millers and farmers after consumer acceptance of Maswangi was determined. Market segments for Maswangi were mainly Malays from small-sized households. The suggested price was relatively low, approximately RM2.43/kg. Paddy price of RM680/t was suggested as a suitable price to ensure reasonable profit margin for both millers and farmers. Based on this study, it was concluded that Maswangi could be commercialized. Millers will get RM2,954 net profit when processing 150 t paddy and farmers will receive additional RM158/ha. Commercialization of Maswangi will increase the self-sufficiency level (SSL) especially when substituting Ponny and Basmathi rice from Pakistan.

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